Jan van Kampen

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Jan van Kampen

Jan van Kampen is just as notorious for his enticing sets as his guaranteed party vibe, stemming from his ripe experience during e.g. allnighters at Trouw and De School to a wide array of festivals. Jumping effortlessly from style to style, he adapts to every dance floor like trees to the seasons: blossoming or shedding when needed. Originating from The Hague and being involved with the Dekmantel crew from their very early beginnings, this man has been around town and knows how to get down.

It was a meeting with disco don Rahaan that coloured his musical vision forever. Playing disco in a way that was just as steaming as the house sound he grew to love resulted in an undefinable style that always captures the moment and will surely get you off your feet.

Combine this with his affinity for every type of stimulating & irresistable sound – from Detroit Techno to Reggae/Dub – and you end up with a sonic variety for every society. This makes Jan a Disk Jockey in the most purest form: he always chooses the right personal related track from his deep collection to create a dynamic synergy with the crowd in time & space.

Interview snipped and clip with Jan van Kampen & Rahaan during the Peak Mystique party at Claire.