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Luna City Express

Moon Harbour Records / Lapsus Music

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Luna City Express

Within more than a decade now the collaborating production force named Luna City Express, derived and developed from the influences and musical upbringings of Norman Weber and Marco Resmann has turned into a consistent land- and trademark in the electronic music scene in terms of releases, remixes and remarkable DJ sets all over the place.

Incorporating a wide range of musical influences, with Norman being the Chicago House loving son to a Funk, Disco, Hip-Hop and Acid Jazz spinning DJ-father and Marco being an experienced producer which already had caused some trouble on the floor before they first met, the sound of Luna City Express is clearly revolving around House Music in its essential form but still remains open minded.

Ever since their debut single „Fresh“ skyrocketed off as one of the main club hits of 2005, Luna City Express have laid down a blueprint of modern, contemporary House Music on labels like 20/20 Vision, Lapsus Music, Get Physical and Moon Harbour Recordings. A certain highlight has been their track “Mr Jack” which they released on their debut album “Hello from Planet Earth”. It received worldwide support from multiple house music heavy weights and ten years later, it still finds its way to the dance floors. Whilst their initial work was praised for showcasing a vast musical expertise in a long play format, Luna City Express continually gained momentum on dance floors worldwide due to largely successful collaborations released in the following years, with the likes of Roland Clark and Robert Owens.

Besides sharing a combined vision in the studio, the Berlin-based pair of electronic music aficionados is regularly smashing the city’s internationally renowned nightlife scene with remarkable DJ-sets in venues like Watergate, Sisyphos and Kater Blau- DC10, Woomoon and Ants in Ibiza and many more beautiful places, weighing in a combined experience of 45 years behind the decks as both started DJ’ing back in 1994.

Together they played shows all over the world and are, despite collecting heaps of airmiles, still closely connected to the place where the Luna City Express success story all began – the beloved Muna Club in Bad Klosterlausnitz.