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Makossa consists of 3 friends from Amsterdam that form a solid triangle which provides the foundation for their vibe: a grooving & thumping sound that guarantees to get you moving - on and off the dance floor.

Arthur & Gijs started DJ-ing together in Arthur’s bedroom more than 10 years ago. Mixing classic house sounds with their focus on always creating that party atmosphere. Tim joined in a couple of years later following a strong determination to join their separate sounds and unite in the power of house music: which led to the formation of Makossa.

Inspired by the classic house sound and adapting to contemporary rhythms, they always come up with a balanced mix of sounds that takes you on a journey through driving & energetic dimensions.

Last year saw them rising fast with sets at Shelter, Strafwerk Festival & regular attendences at Marktkantine and Claire - their hunger will definitely lead them further on this sonic adventure.