HEIST Recordings

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Multi-instrumentalist, DJ and libertine Pitto from The Netherlands demonstrates once more his remarkable skill to package strong feelings of happiness into both melodious, electronic and melancholic compositions.

Geurt Kersjes, aka Pitto, has always taken the liberty to leave the beaten track behind and develop a completely unique sound which helps the charismatic Dutchman spark the crowd in his performances.

Maybe you’ve heard of his floor filling bangers like ‘Sexvibe’ and ‘Feelin’ or his musical wizard albums like ‘Breaking Up The Static’ and ‘Objects Are Closer Than They Appear’. He is respected by many artists in the scene, for example Prins Thomas and The Mole who remixed his recent upcoming tracks. Pitto has just released on Detroit Swindle’s label Heist Recordings and many more to come.

You can catch him at massive festivals such as Wildeburg, DGTL, Awakenings and clubs like Claire, Basis and De Marktkantine. Combining his sense of humor in his own contemporary sound, this charismatic producer man-machine will eventually conquer everyones hearts when it comes to House and Disco!